Alberta's fastest street cars battle it out for cash and bragging rights!

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  • JULY 26

  • AUGUST 9

  • AUGUST 30-31

We are committed to promoting fast door car racing here in Alberta and are proud to announce the JB's Ultimate Heads Up Challenge series. This new series will consist of two Heads-Up Classes, Extreme Street & Outlaw 8.5, and Open Comp - a fun new approach to bracket racing that had a successful debut at the Rocky Mountain Shootout race this past September; and is catching on like wildfire across both the US and Canada.


  • $1200 to win

  • $200 runner up

  • $50 first round winner
  • Minimum 2 qualifying sessions



  • $1200 to win

  • $200 runner up

  • $50 first round winner
  • Minimum 2 qualifying sessions



  • $1000 to win

  • $300 runner up

  • $150 semifinalist
  • $50 second round winner
  • Minimum 2 time trials






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Ultimate Heads Up Challenge 2014 Recap

October 22nd, 2014

The 2014 Season is behind us, and the JB’s Power Centre Ultimate Head’s Up Challenge was a big success! The championships all came down to the wire, with two classes being decided by less than a single round of racing. 70 different Racers participated in the Ultimate Head’s Up Challenge in 2014, with many racers chasing points all season long.

Extreme Street

Extreme Street Saturday Final

Extreme Street Saturday final winner Dan Bold


Our premiere class features widely differing cars battling it out for supremacy. Extreme Street features Turbocharged, Supercharged and Nitrous cars attempting to harness big power on a small 10.5 inch slick or 315 Drag Radial going head to head against Naturally Aspirated, single-four barrel cars who get the advantage of running on a big tire of any size they like. Many people anticipated that the Naturally Aspirated cars would not have the power to keep up to the power adder cars, and that having a big tire would not prove to be a big advantage. Once the racing started though, everyone was surprised by just how close it all was, not just in qualifying, but in competition, as every race of the season featured a power adder car racing a naturally aspirated car in the finals, ultimately favoring the naturally aspirated cars 4 wins to 2 for the season.

Dan Bold in his big-inch, lightweight 69 Camaro ran the table in the last three races of the season, with wins coming by only a few hundredths in many rounds. When the dust all settled, it was Gerry Lamarche in his Single Turbo 2005 Mustang that won a hard fought championship by battling through the rounds, and also thrashing on his car in the pits on a couple of occasions to be able to make it to the line and take the tree. Gerry and family did lots of late-night driving from his home in Grande Prairie to compete at every event of the series, and it paid off, winning the Championship by a razor thin two point margin over Farren Callihoo, who made a mid season switch from a Naturally Aspirated to a Nitrous Powered combination, strapping the small 10.5 inch tires to his killer black 70 Chevelle. In third place only one point back from Farren was Dan Bold who found the magic at the end of the year and was making a hard run for the series championship after missing the early events.

Underdog and crowd-favorite Murray Glauser earned his way to fourth-place finish driving the White 68 Chevy Nova, formerly Barry Kozicki’s. Despite giving up an advantage of hundreds of horsepower to many of the competitors, Murray went rounds at every race with his combination of consistency and great lights, finishing only one round back of the championship.

Outlaw 8.5

Outlaw 8.5 Sunday Final

Outlaw 8.5 overall winner Scott Schulhauser


This class features racers competing on the tiny 26×8.5 inch tire, and other than that, it is basically no-holds-barred, as racers do anything they can to apply huge power to the track. Anything can happen on these small tires, and these cars always brought a lot of excitement to the track, and produced some of the most anticipated, crowd-pleasing passes of the season.

Turbocharged and Nitrous-Fed cars ruled the class, with Scott Schulhauser being the class of the field in his amazing Turbochaged Small-Block Ford-powered 94 Mustang. Other Racers who had a strong showing in this class were Nitrous Warrior Nathan Bowens in his beautiful 69 Barracuda, Mark Campbell and Logan Hennessy each running Nitrous-Fed Small Block Ford Fox-Body Mustangs, and Jordy Lazic in the crowd-favorite Lenco-Shifted Malibu Wagon powered by an old big block out of a grain truck eating tons of spray every pass. Local favorite Neil Richards split the season in the Cream Dream twin-turbo LSX powered 79 Zeyphr running events in both Extreme Street and Outlaw 8.5.

Scott made this very challenging class look easy, as his Mustang laid down world-class passes round after round, all season long. By the end of the summer, Scott had fought his way to wins in five of six races, and he did it not only with outright speed, but with excellent consistency and reliability. Now that Scott has the championship trophy home in Calgary, he is working to make his Mustang even faster for next season!

Open Comp

Open Comp Saturday

Open comp second-place finalist John Melnyk


The most popular class in the Ultimate Head’s Up Challenge this year was Open Comp, a modified form of bracket racing intended to put more emphasis on driving and tuning. If features a Pro Tree, with no electronics allowed, and drivers must run the same Dial-In all day long, meaning that racers must adjust their car to changing conditions, not their Dial-In.

The story of the season was the battle between Ray Peck and Chris Melnyk. These longtime friends and competitors were consistently in the hunt, with each earning victories during the season. It came down to the wire, with Ray Peck earning a narrow victory over Chris. Both competitors run small-block Mopar combinations, Ray with a green 70 Dodge Dart and Chris in his familiar blue 73 Plymouth Duster, and both are fixtures at the racetrack, making the most of every opportunity to go racing. Over forty racers participated in this class, fuelling solid payouts that are expected to grow next year as this class catches on with many more bracket racers.

We would like to thank all the racers who participated for their support in making the first season of JB’sUltimate Head’s Up Challenge a success. Special thanks also go out to the terrific prizing support from 13 manufacturers, our three class sponsors, series sponsor JB’s Power Centre, all of the track officials and staff at Castrol and Central Alberta Raceways and also all of the fans who support sportsman drag-racing! Without everyone, a great racing series like this could never exist.

See you all at the track in 2015!

JB’s Ultimate Head’s Up Challenge is Cancelled for July 26th

July 25th, 2014

Attention Racers & Fans

Due to the heavy rainfall today and that more rain is expected to for tomorrow around the Edmonton region, we have made the decision to cancel tomorrow’s race (July 26th). At this time we do not know if there is an opportunity to have a make up date, but we will keep all racers informed.

We look forward to the next JB’s Ultimate Heads Up Challenge on August 9th at Castrol Raceway. This race will be a featured part of the NHRDA JB’s Canadian Diesel Nationals, and we will be competing in front of thousands of fans as well as being broadcast on Motor Mania TV!! See you all there!!!

Ultimate Head’s Up Challenge Announces $26,000 Dollar Manufacturer’s Contingency Program for 2014!

June 27th, 2014

In Partnership with JB’s Power Centre, we are proud to announce the Ultimate Head’s Up Challenge will have over $26,000 in available Contingency prizing during the 2014 Race Season.

We would like to thank the following Manufacturers for their support, without them, this program would not be possible:

aeromotive aFe airaid airlift bedrug centerforce comp-cams driven edelbrock fast kn msd racequip sct

All contingency prizes will be paid to race winners and runners up in the form of a gift certificate redeemable at any JB’s Power Centre location, for the purchase of the various manufacturer’s product.

The First Ultimate Head’s Up Challenge is a Success!! 

June 27th, 2014

Over $5500 in Cash and Contingency Prizes Awarded to Racers!




Photos courtesy Don at digitalmoments.ca

Extreme Street

Winner: Gerry Lamarche

Runner Up: Matt Vanlet

Gerry Lamarche won 2 straight in his Turbocharged Mustang and took home the cash and a huge pile of contingency certificates over Matt Vanlet in his Small Block powered Chevy Nova. Bracket Racers who are looking to try out some Head’s Up Racing are reminded that Naturally Aspirated, Single Four-Barrel Cars can race in this class with ANY tire, so you can race this class with ZERO changes to your Car!!

Outlaw 8.5

Winner: Scott Schulhauser

Runner Up: Mark Campbell

With 11 cars in total and very tight qualifying, Outlaw 8.5 was the most exciting class of the day.  The top 7 cars were all in the 5’s and within tenths of a second in ET.  First round we had some great races including one that was won by 0.029 of a second! A number of races were won on Holeshots, proving that the faster car is not always the winner. The fastest runs of the day were in  the 5.6’s, with one racer breaking into the 5.50 zone in eliminations.

The race ended with a showdown between #1 Scott Schulhauser with his single-turbo 1994 Mustang and #2 Mark Campbell with his Nitrous 438 cubic inch 1989 Mustang. Both cars were on a fast pass when disaster struck and Campbell suffered a huge Nitrous explosion that incinerated his carburetor, with Scott taking home the victory. Post race report is that Mark has replaced his melted Carb, and torn down his engine for inspection and is now back together and is ready to avenge his loss int he first race!

Open Comp

Winner: John Melnyk

Runner Up: Keith Prozni

There was 14 cars in total for Open Comp, many of which are regular bracket racers used to the .500 full tree.  Many of them commented on how they like the .400 pro tree and the challenge it created.  The racing was once again very tight and many victories by hundreds of a second or less with the eventual win going to John Melnyk over Keith Prozni.

What a great way for regular competitors in Box or No Box to race for some real prize money! John took home $800 cash, a Track Mat from Bedrug and $625 ($1425 total) in contingency for the win! Racers are encouraged to try out this exciting new race format, and can always double up and run their regular class in addition to Open Comp.